Thursday, September 4, 2014

Blog Post 1

    There is no denying that nowadays online tools are becoming more and more popular in language learning. Having students get access to the Internet can not only facilitate the communication between students and teachers, but also broaden students’ mind as they are exposed to a larger platform which Internet provided. As an ESL teacher in the future, I will definitely encourage my students to use Internet to explore their language learning process.

    The first use of blog I will get my students exposed to is to expand students’ access to relevant materials by incorporating links, as mentioned in Blogging in Language Learning. We can insert photos, videos, and links with any kind of materials in the blog. Students can get access to them only by clicking on them. They can get versatile information and are no longer limited to the knowledge taught in classroom. For example, when students are required to learn a new unit about weather, I can put all the useful links on the blog like English for Kids ESL Kids Lessons Weather,which can meet the performance indicator from New York State standards ESL: English as a Second Language that they can develop and use skills and strategies appropriate to their level of English proficiency to collect data, facts, and ideas; discover relationships, concepts and generalizations; and use knowledge generated from oral, written and electronically produced texts.

    The second use of blog for my future students is that they can express themselves freely on blog. Everyone can get a voice and they can be excited with seeing others’ comment and replying them, as mentioned in Blogging in Language Learning. Students don’t need to worry that they would miss the chance to speak out in class. Personally, I have to acknowledge that I feel good when I get comments from my friends or when I replay them because I feel I get others’ attention. Definitely blog gives students larger and freer space to interact with others, which can improve their social abilities. New York State standards ESL: English as a Second Language states that Students learning English as a second language will use English to interact with others in social and classroom situations. They will develop and use skills and strategies appropriate to their level of English proficiency to communicate effectively with regard to audience, purpose and setting. Blog can fully meet their needs.


  1. Sha, I like how you focused on that blogs give each student their own voice. I think you're right when you say that a lot of times students miss speaking out in class and that blogging gives them the chance to express what they didn't get the chance to in class that day. It is a good feeling when your peers comment on your work!! :) It's a nice way to interact with your classmates outside the classroom.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I do think that every student should get fair chance to speak out in learning. Blog can do that! It's amazing!

  2. Sha, I think your idea of using a class blog as a repository for links, photos and videos is an excellent one. That can be a "two-way street" in that students as well as teachers can also post links and other things that they think their classmates will benefit from.

  3. Sha, I agree with you that blogs are a great way for students to share their opinions if they aren't able to do so in class. In doing so I think it will create a more fun and open environment in the classroom, whereas before they may have been too shy or nervous to speak their opinions. It's a good transition to communicate to an audience via computer screen to face-to-face interaction