Friday, September 19, 2014

Diigo and Pinterest

    The only bookmark I used to use is the favorite icon on the browser. I just click on the button and save all the websites I need. Next time when I want to use them, I spend several seconds finding them from the long list of my favorite websites. I have ever tried to use the Evernote, but it’s too complicated. So I gave up, I still keep using the easy but disorganized favorite websites button.
    This time I get to know these two great tools to mark those I like and I need! Its diigo and Pinterest! I can use either tags or boards to categorize those bookmarks. Another significant advantage of these two social bookmarking tools is that it provides social network where you can share your resources with others. I can follow others and they can follow me too. Sharing makes the difference! I can also message them on these two websites.
    For diigo, it’s my first time to use this tool. I can write brief descriptions for those I want to mark and I can comment on others’ marks and save them. I can also have multiple tags to categorize the marks, which can help me find the websites easily. These features allow me to dig out a lot of useful information I need.

    For Pinterest, I have used it but I am not familiar with it. Pinterest is like a visual feast. When you are attracted by some beautiful pictures, you can open the link followed by the picture. Browsing the Pinterst is totally fun. You don’t need to read lots of words, but just seeing the pictures to find what you want. You can see what others have shared and save them.

    Personally I prefer to use Pinterest for those fashionable bookmarks like celebrities and clothes, because pictures will make them more attractive. I would use diigo for academic bookmarks because the multiple tags are really useful for me to find the information I need. Fortunately I can get suggestions for related articles from both of these two tools. My online life would be greatly enriched by them!

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  1. I hope these two tools will make your academic and personal life much less complicated.