Saturday, September 13, 2014

Technology and Teaching

    I was impressed a lot by two videos about technology and education from YouTube. Both of them are presented with statistics and pictures, without any commentary, but they are persuasive.
    In the Social Media Revolution 2011 video, I was amazed by the statistics that social media has such huge impact on people’s life. I cannot imagine that people rely so much on YouTube, Face book, and Wikipedia according to the statistics in the video. It seems like that almost all the people are involved in the revolution of social media and technology. As a future teacher, it’s time for us to keep pace with the ever-changing information age. Education is no longer traditionally teaching and learning in class. It should combine education with technology. I feel stressful because I, myself have to know the social media well to be a teacher in the future. I know my future class should be, and will be an interesting and creative one. I am confident that my future students are young and energetic enough to make a class closely associated with technology and information. As a teacher, I am not only learning to be a traditionally qualified teacher, but also a teacher who is not behindhand.

    I also like the video A Vision of 21st Century Teachers. I like the idea “who dares to teach must never cease to learn” by John Cotton Dana. A teacher uses online research sources, sets up class websites, and various online tools to help students in the 21st century. Just as mentioned in the video, it’s not just about technology itself; it’s about connecting the students, teachers and the world community together. I feel that being a teacher is not an easy job. A teacher is playing the dual role all the time, both the teacher and the student. No wonder John has it that “who dares to teach”. A teacher is indeed a challenging job.

    I sank in thought about how to be a future teacher after watching these two videos…

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  1. The quote that you chose to comment on is an excellent one. It is by continually learning that we can become better teachers.