Monday, November 10, 2014

5 techniques to learn any language

    I like watching TED videos, but I don’t even know I can create a lesson on TEDED. That’s so cool. I choose the video from Sid Efromovic, a cool guy who can speak seven languages. The topic is 5 techniques to speak any language.  My purpose is to encourage my students to learn the language positively. The speaker introduces 5 specific ways to improve the learning process. I hope my students can check whether they have the same techniques as Sid. If they don’t, they can be motivated by the video and get inspiration on how to learn a language. Besides, I am also training their listening because they have to understand the content of the video to do the exercises I have created.

    For the assessment, I will organize a group discussion. Students are required to discuss one technique in the video they like best, and they also introduce their own learning techniques to their group members. From the discussion, I can know whether they understand the content in the video and see how much they are motivated to learn. 

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  1. You chose a TEDtalk that could lead to some very interesting discussions. However, you need 2 links in the Think Deeper section and I only see one.