Saturday, November 15, 2014

Strip generator

    Strip generator is a very useful tool for us to create comic strips. One of the similar ways in real classroom is role play, where we have the specific setting and roles. In strip generator, we can put all the settings, roles and conversation on the strip. In my strip Where are you from, I plan to teach the simple English greetings and introduction. When two strangers meet each other, how they introduce themselves and how they greet others. It is for beginner language learners because words are very limited in strips. My future students will be able to appropriately greet others and introduce themselves when they meet new people.
    To assess their learning, I will let them have role play. I will give them a specific setting, for example, two persons meet for the first time. They are required to say something to each others. If they can have the conversation fluently, for example, ask their partner’ name and country, or introduce where they are from and their names are, they demonstrate their mastery of the language skills in the class.

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  1. Nice lesson. You could also have the students create their own strips for other situations or variations on the initial meeting situation.