Monday, November 10, 2014

Tube Chop

     Tube Chop is such a convenient tool to shorten video. Personally I have the video teaching experience. I did have the problem that when I found an appropriate video, it was too long and I had to begin at somewhere and stop at somewhere quickly. Tube Chop can help me address it now! I choose a grammar teaching video for my future intermediate ESL students. Grammar and vocabulary is relatively boring compared to other language skills, so video teaching can arouse students’ interest in it. This grammar teaching is about the specific difference between “should be” and “could be”. The speaker gives detailed explanation about the difference and provides interesting and precise examples to help students’ understanding. After they learn through this video, my future students will be able to tell the difference between “should be” and “could be”. They can infer the meaning from the discourse with the use of “should be” or “could be”. They are able to use the two forms correctly in their social communication. For assessment, I would ask them to give examples for the different use of “should be” and “could be”. If they can figure out correct examples, it means they understand it. Besides, I would give them some reading articles with the use of the two forms included. I would ask them to tell what is the specific meaning of the “should be “ or “could be” in the article. Because the meaning is always contextual and providing context can help students understand and check whether they really understand. 

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