Saturday, November 29, 2014



    I listen to the ESL Podcast Buying Theater Tickets, which is a good English learning material for intermediate level ESL learner. The whole episode is about a dialogue between two persons who are going to see a play. They are discussing about how to buy the theater tickets. The podcast is about 20 minutes in all, with 2 minute dialogue at the beginning, 15 minute explanation for the dialogue and the rest is the normal speed dialogue again. The focus of the episode is on vocabulary explanation.  For example, vocabulary like orchestra, loge, mezzanine and balcony, which are frequently used in theater. So the episode can improve students’ listening skills and help them acquire new vocabulary. And more importantly, they can use what they have learned in their daily life, which means they can improve their social skills.
    My specific learning objectives are:
1)    Students will be able to identify the key vocabulary in the episode.
2)    Students will be able to use the words in daily conversation.

    For assessing their learning, I can design some vocabulary quiz, for example, for the word “matinee”, I will give them multiple choices:(a). day-time (b). at night and (c). all the day. Besides, I can let the students have role play and let them talk about their theater plan in the play, using the vocabulary they have learned at the same time. 

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